Are you excited on your new apartment? Don’t be too excited because you still have obligation on your old apartment. Moving out doesn’t only involve packing your things and moving them out, but you also need to clean your whole apartment before you leave. Doing a deep clean of your apartment is necessary so the next occupants will enjoy their stay there. Aside from that, you still have to get your security deposit back. It’s your choice if you want to hire housekeeping services Concord CA or just do the cleaning yourself. Either way, the following are tips we’d like to share.  


Prepare a Cleaning List 

The cleaning list will highly depend on the expectations of your landlord. The landlord will likely provide you with one so you can get your security deposit. Every contract is different, and so will the cleaning list you have to do. Other list would require you to vacuum the carpet and others would require you to professionally deep clean it. If you are given a list, read it carefully. The list will typically include cleaning the carpets, baseboards, blinds, fan blades and fans. Having a list will make everything easier and you can easily get your security deposit back.   

Pack and Organize 

Your move out cleaning is not complete if you don’t pack and organize everything. Packing should be done in a smart way and not the hard way. It’s a labor-intensive task that will consume your time if you don’t manage it wisely. Get specialized boxes for fragile belongings like mirrors, art, clothes and moving dishes. Use a lot of padding when you wrap delicate items. Don’t forget about labeling. Make sure you have codes for everything so you would know what’s in the box. Do the laundry before you pack them. It’s better that your wardrobe is ready to use once your arrive on your new place than do the laundry there.  

Don’t Forget the Window Washing 

Most of us forget about the windows. If the house or apartment is clean but the windows are not, the space will also still look dirty. Cleaning the windows will make the apartment look amazing and very neat. You can clean it using a squeegee with a handle and a cleaning solution you can make yourself. Check this article for the step-by-step guide on cleaning glass windows.  

Clean Dirty Walls and Imperfections 

Once you move all the furniture, you would then see how dirty the wall is. There would be no distractions so if the landlord will check the area, imperfections and changes can be easily seen. The fingerprints on the door jambs and marks on the baseboards is easily noticeable. Once people are not distracted by the furniture and ornaments, they will see all the marks and stains.  

Make Sure It Smells Good 

A space that looks clean but doesn’t smell great is not a really clean space. You can eliminate the odor by using baking soda.