A tan that lasts longer is only achievable during the summer season. That is if you always go outdoors. It is the season where our pores go larger, our bodies a little dehydrated, our wrinkles a little more defined due to the glaring but happy sun.  


The summertime offers a lot of activities to do outdoors: hiking, kayaking, biking, boat riding, and so much more. Basically, you can do the things you’ve been wanting to in the previous season. Summer heat these days can be extreme. Here are some tips to help you combat the heat: 

 Drink more fluids 

Most people don’t realize that when we feel thirsty, our body is actually telling us we are dehydrated and should replenish with fluids asap. During summer, we will perspire more than we’ll ever do in other seasons. The water in the body makes an exit through sweat and then evaporates. Drinking water and fluids are therefore crucial so we don’t get dehydrated and put our health in danger. 

 Exercise with caution 

The body perspires a lot during the summer season. Pushing yourself to perspire more can be fatal. It is recommended that lighter exercises be observed rather than strenuous ones. You can also opt to work out indoors rather than outdoors. You should always have fluids beside you as well. 

 Take a cool shower 

Nothing could take the heat out of the body quite like a cold shower. It brings down the body temperature and makes you fresh. Shower as many times as you need. Or want. It’s summer. 

 Wear light fabrics and appropriate items 

Light fabrics in light colors won’t keep the heat in your body. Cotton is the best fabric of choice during hot summer days. The goal really is just to feel as cool as possible, and comfortable. Sundress, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, and slippers or sandals would be great. You’ll look great too.  

 Maintenance medicines 

Very important. Extreme summer heat can spike up blood pressure and cause stoke. If you have a condition, any kind of condition, and are under maintenance medicines, never skip taking them. Have an alarm if you need help reminding to take it.  

 Put on sunscreen and sunglasses 

A person’s skin tolerance for the sun depends on the melanin content in his or her skin. The more the melanin, the darken the skin gets. The higher the protection too. But it doesn’t mean you no longer have to wear sunblock. Everyone, with no exception, should wear sunblock if they were to stay long under the sun. Why you ask? Well, our ozones are depleted which means that the sun’s rays can hit us directly, which also means that we’ll get burned easily. In worse cases, we can acquire different skin conditions. Is that answer enough? 

The eyes are just as important as the skin. It needs sun protection as well. Wear sunglasses that have UVA and UVB protection for maximum protection for the eyes. Wearing them will keep wrinkles at bay too.  


Covering in the form of hats, umbrellas, roofs, and shades can further sun protection. Wear or take cover in them as much as you can. All things mentioned here are easy to acquire apart from the roof. It doesn’t mean you need to get a new one. You just have to make sure yours is doing what it’s meant to do. If not, a roofing company in Denver or in your local area can assist you with it.