Most of the people who are working in the field of house services like being a handyman would not use a paintbrush anymore as it consumes too much time. The number of O’Fallon painting company which are using paintbrushes is getting lower as they would prefer to use a roller to make their job faster and quicker. But of course, we all know that the result would be different as using the paintbrush could able to fill in those uneven surfaces properly. It is cheaper as well when it comes to the market price and it goes with different sizes depending on which one you would be needing.  


It is nice and wonderful to see a wall with a painted color, it could enhance the view and the atmosphere inside the house and even in different places. If you are going to paint a smaller portion or space only, then using a brush would be enough to use as it would not absorb too much paint. Here are some cleaning ideas that you can actually do in order for you not to have a hard time removing the paint from the brush. 

After using the brush from painting the wall or to the tables and furniture, it would be better to try to get rid of the paint from the brush. You have to try and be patient in removing it so that it would be easier for you later to get totally of it. You just have to wipe your brush to a newspapers or magazine and even to an old type of cloth that you have there.  

Others would use a solvent like the thinner to remove the paint from the bristles of the brush. All you have to do is to pour some on the container whether it is a used one, then put your brush as well there and let is sit there. After a while, you need to move the brush especially the bristles to the bottom part of the container and try to rotate the brush as well.  

It is important that after you have tried the solvent, you need to rinse it and then get the remaining paint in it. It would be better if you will prepare a container with water and soap in it to help soften more the parts with paint. If everything is clean, then you need a clean piece of towel or cloth to dry the brushes.  

There are some people who are working in the paint industry, that they say that it would be nice if you would try using a fabric conditioner. All you need is to mix some hot water in a bucket and then add the clothes softener solution as it would help to get rid the visible paints in the brush. Using the solution, you have to pour some amount to a small container and then rotate the bristles of the brush there with the solution of course. You may use a tissue to dry it.