It is very essential to make great business decisions which include investing in stamped concrete (sometimes called stampcrete) flooring installation which clients can see it on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, stamped concrete flooring is a good choice to lessen costs for updating the design and appeal of the company. A lot of businesses and companies are selecting stamped concrete for their commercial properties including stores, restaurants as well as malls. 

 Improve Your Business with Concrete Stamp Flooring System 

 In addition to that, stampcrete floors are great for businesses since their beauty lasts for several years and are very durable in nature, unlike wood laminates, vinyl and carpeting. Having stamped concrete installed in your property can actually transform the interior of your commercial space to a whole new level. 

Remove your old floors and make a good impression on new clients with personalized made stampcrete. Stampcrete can resemble the look of materials like wood, flagstone, slate, brick, tile and even stone. Aside from that, stampcrete can complement with some other decorative concrete elements like acid-etch staining as well as exposed aggregate finishes. 

Stamped concrete is a very affordable choice if compared to other high-end flooring or natural materials such as slate, marble and tile. Professional and highly reputable stamp concrete installers such as concrete stamping Tacoma can mimic the textures and looks of more expensive elements, and can also personalize walkways and floors to the preference of the owner. 

For most in the food service industry, keeping their flooring system safe and clean for consumers can be a great challenge. However, that’s not a problem with stamped concrete since it is very simple to clean, resists spills chips, cracks and even stains. 

Advantages of Stampcrete Driveways 

Stamped concrete gives you a durable surface and a unique look for patios, sidewalks, and driveways. It is usually used to surround pools. Not to mention, you can also give a one-of-a-kind appearance by selecting any color. There are a lot of advantages of stampcrete  and the following are some to take into consideration when deciding on if you would want to install stampcrete to your residential property: 

  1. Decreased Long-Term Care and Maintenance

Stamped concrete is less vulnerable to wear and tear that makes it easier for property owners to upkeep it. Some surface materials like pavers which become loose resulting in cracks. These cracks would be costly to have your pavers be fixed every single year. With stampcrete and because it is very durable by nature, you won’t need to repave it every now and then. 

  1. Installation

It is one of the best benefits of stampcrete. Since it’s a mixture of cement powder and water, it is actually easy to do. These 3 steps include mixing the water and cement powder, pouring the mixture in an even manner and stamping it. If you do not have the appropriate measurement of concrete, powder cement and water, this may cause problems in the long run. Some professional installers find this more economical than installing pavers so you may also want to consider it.